Some short thoughts about blog prizes

Over the last few weeks I and my tiny corner of the interweb have been absolutely blown away to be nominated for a couple of different blog awards. It’s beyond super lovely when anyone likes the blog enough to comment favourably, let alone nominate me for any sort of award. So, thank-you Anita Chapman, Sue Fortin, Clare Wartnaby and Juliet Greenwood. Great bloggers all and freely recommended, particularly to those of you with an interest in writing.

Both the awards, The Versatile Blogger Award and The Leibster Award, ask recipients to do certain things in accepting the award. You’re either asked to blog on a particular subject (7 things about yourself for the Versatile Blogger) or link back to your nominator and make a certain number of nominations yourself. Now I wouldn’t put those requests (which you are entirely at liberty to refuse or ignore) in the same category as the sorts of internet chain letters and the like I had a little rant  about a few weeks ago. I think these awards can offer a benevolent and practical way for small bloggers to support each other and encourage a little bit more web traffic to one another’s sites.

However, I won’t be participating in the recipient’s end of these awards. It’s not because I don’t appreciate them. It might actually because I’m a tad miserablist as a personality type. I want you, my small in number, but much valued, readers, to know that if I recommend a site or a blog it’s simply because I think it’s great, and not because I’ve commited myself to recommending 17 blogs in return for accepting an award from someone else. I also enjoy the individuality of my little blog. It is a corner of the internet that is very much devoted to whatever I happen to be musing on at any given time. It doesn’t have much theme beyond the fact that it’s all stuff I thought. It’s a little self-obsessed of me, but I am slightly reluctant to post on a topic because I’ve been instructed to do so. Perhaps it’s a little odd of me, but I am protective of the eclectic and spontaneous nature of the subjects I talk about here.

So if I’ve linked you to this post because you kindly nominated me for an award, thank-you. I really deeply appreciate you liking the blog and taking the time to tell your own followers about it. If I don’t accept and pass on the award it’s not because I’m not grateful, and it’s definitely not personal. I’ve simply decided to keep both my posts, and my blog recommendations sparing, independent and heartfelt. And thank-you again. Yes. Thank-you. Really, you are kind.