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All sessions are 90 minutes, delivered by Zoom and strictly limited to 12 attendees Each workshop stands alone, so you can sign up for just one or for all or any number in between. Each workshop is £15 with discounts if you book 6 or more (details below).

The Business of Writing 9.30am Sat 26th Sept 2020

Publishing is a business, and if you want to sell novels you need to learn how that business works. In this session – focussing on traditional publishing – we’ll talk about rights, contracts, money and pitfalls for unwary authors. 

Agent-Hunting 11.30am Sat 26th Sept 2020

How to find the right agent for you, how to put together a fantastic submission pack, what to say in your query letter and what to ask if you’re offered representation. Everything you need to know about looking for an agent. 

Finishing Your Novel 6pm Thurs 1st Oct 2020

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a novel is knowing when to stop. There’s always something else you could just tweak or improve, but eventually you have to walk away. This session is all about deciding when to stop and move onto a shiny new idea, whilst making sure your current novel is as good as it can be before you do.

Creating Character 6pm Wed 4th Nov 2020

Character is everything. Characters drive plot. Characters emotionally engage your readers. Characters make or break novels. Let’s talk about how to create really memorable ones. 

Structuring Your Plot 8pm Wed 4th Nov 2020

Inciting incidents, darkest moments, midpoints, climaxes and resolutions – what are they and how can you use them to make your novel exciting to read? Whether you plan your plots in advance or impose structure later in the process, this session will give you the tools you need. 

Show, Don’t Tell 9.30am Sat 14th Nov 2020

Or should that be Show, and Tell? Show, Don’t Tell is every creative writing tutor’s favourite phrase. In this session we’ll break down what it actually means, how to do it, and even when it might be better to ignore this particular piece of writing wisdom. 

Writing with Emotion 11.30am Sat 14th Nov 2020

The best stories are those that move readers, whether that’s to joy or to sadness, but putting emotion on the page can be hard. It can feel weird while you’re writing and the risk of drifting into cliché is strong. This session is all about how to create gut-punch emotion in your writing. 

Finding Your Voice 4pm Tues 17th Nov 2020 SOLD OUT 

Please Contact Me if you want to express interest in this workshop for the future.

What is an author’s ‘voice’? And how do you find yours? This session is all about getting to the heart of who you are as an author and finding confidence in your own authorial voice. This session invites attendees to reflect on their own writing and their own goals. As this can be highly individual this workshop is limited to 6 attendees to ensure everyone has time to focus on their own responses to the workshop.

The Most Common First Draft Problems 6pm Tues 17th Nov 2020

I’ve read A LOT of unpublished manuscripts in my career, and a lot of the same issues come up time and time again. In this session we’ll run through the most common – from saggy middles to horrific info-dumps – and talk about how to fix them. 

All workshops are 90 minutes long and will be conducted online via Zoom. You will need access to a PC, phone or tablet with microphone and camera. Each workshop is £15, or 6 workshops booked together for £80

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