Manuscript Critique

PLEASE NOTE: I am not currently accepting new manuscript critique, editing or one-to-one mentoring clients. These services will re-open in January 2018.

This service provides a in-depth critique report on your novel manuscript, or on a shorter piece or partial manuscript. I will give detailed feedback on areas such as plot, structure, narrative voice and prose style, characterisation, setting and use of language. The aim of the service is to provide feedback that will help you get your work to a publishable standard. This is not an editing or a proof-reading service. I can’t do whatever work is needed on your novel for you, but I can suggest areas for improvement and highlight what is already working well.

Rough fees for manuscript critiques are shown below. These are guideline prices – I usually negotiate prices for specific critiques on a case by case basis:

Up to 3000 words (eg. synopses, opening chapters or short stories) – c.£40

From 3000 to 10,000 words (eg.short stories or partial manuscripts) – c.£95

From 10,000 to 50,000 words (novella or partial manuscripts) – c.£100-£200

From 50,000 to 110,000 words (usually a full manuscript) – c.£225-£375

If your manuscript is significantly longer than 100000 words, then I am very likely to advise you to consider whether the story can be shortened or the prose style tightened up. If you are absolutely sure that you can’t edit your 110,000 word epic, and would like a critique, please Contact Me to discuss a price.

Please do not send manuscripts without contacting me first. During busy periods I may have to turn down some manuscripts.


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