Lockdown Book Doctor One-to-Ones

Well I’m stuck at home and all my teaching for the next couple of months has been cancelled so to fill my time and, hopefully, help some of you who are struggling on with your novels during lockdown I’m offering a limited number of ‘pay what you choose’ Book Doctor appointments via Zoom during lockdown. My regular timeslots from now on will be Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon but, if those times don’t work for you please just feel free to suggest a date/time that does when you apply.

Normally I’d charge around £55 for a one off one-to-one, but right now finances are tight for a lot of people, so for sessions during May it’s simply ‘Pay what you choose.’ That can be absolutely nothing. It can be the full £55. It can be anything in between. You set the price you’re comfortable with and that’s that – no discussion, no questions and no pressure to pay more. And if you’re willing and able to pay more than £55, I suggest you donate the extra to a charity of your choice that’s working to help people through the Covid-19 crisis.

Book Doctor one-to-ones work like this:

  1. You send me a section (up to 1500 words) from the novel you’re working on, preferably from the opening and preferably accompanied by synopsis (a very rough synopsis is fine).
  2. You tell me if there’s anything you’re particularly struggling with.
  3. I read the excerpt and synopsis
  4. And then we have a Zoom appointment – usually around 30-45 minutes – to discuss your novel-in-progress. I’ll give you feedback on the excerpt I’ve read and help you to develop the story or give tips on particular elements of novel-writing.

Before you commit, you might want to read a bit about my experience here. It’s worth noting that my main expertise is in commercial fiction, particularly women’s fiction and romance but I’m happy to work on ms in any of the genres listed on the sign up form. I’m not an expert in Horror, fiction aimed at young children or non-fiction so if you’re writing in those genres I might not be the right tutor for you.