Much Ado About Loving

Would you take a second chance at first love?

Trix Allen never would. She’s been hurt before, and she has no interest in hearts or flowers anymore.

Mathematician, Ben Messina, agrees Unfortunately that’s the only thing Ben and Trix agree on. Most of their time together is spent bickering and sparring. Romance is not part of their plan.

But Ben’s brother, Claudio, and Trix’s best friend, Henrietta, are in love, and determined to see their closest friends happy as well. Can they trick Ben and Trix into acknowledging their true feelings? And when Claudio and Henri’s perfect romance falls apart will anyone be able to keep hold of their belief in love, or will all their hopes come to nothing once again?

Previously published as Much Ado About Sweet Nothing & Sweet Nothing.

New edition coming soon!

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