Summer Night Dreams

Believe in magic. Follow your dreams. What could possibly go wrong?

Emily relies on her father. They live together and work together and, since her mother died, she’s become very used to being Daddy’s one and only princess, so whatever she was expecting him to bring home from his latest overseas conference it wasn’t a brand new fiancée.

When home no longer offers the security she craves, Emily resolves to find a man she can truly depend on. Fortunately, her boyfriend, Dominic, is nothing if not reliable. There’s no reason at all that he couldn’t be her happy ever after.

Except… Emily’s best friend, Helen, has loved Dominic for a decade. Can she accept that he will never be hers?

And what about Alex, Helen’s devil-may-care housemate? He’s impulsive, unreliable, and passionate – everything Emily is sure she doesn’t want.

At her father’s wedding everything unravels. Hypnotism, alcohol, lust and a waiter who thinks he’s a donkey combine to make a night Emily will never forget but might very quickly come to regret.

Previously published as Midsummer Dreams.

New edition coming soon!

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