52 Weeks: 52 Books

Welcome to the 52 Weeks: 52 Books section of the site. These are the pages dedicated to my 2015 resolution to read at least 52 books this year. The point of the 52 books plan is to reignite my love of reading. That means that I’m not going to do a ‘book a week’ review blog, because that risks that whole endeavour becoming a big old chore, which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid. However, I’m thinking that a little monthly update would be entirely achievable, so the plan is that on the first Monday of each month there will be a new post in this section whipping through what I’ve read in the previous month and probably thinking many deep and enlightening thoughts about those books, and reading generally, and, indeed, the whole meaning of life.

So to get things started, I’ve thinned out my To Be Read pile to include only those books that I might actually read, which has whittled it down to a very manageable 43 books. Eeek. Ah well, on we go –  here are my 52 Weeks: 52 Books ground rules:

1. I shall read widely. That means lots of popular fiction, but literary stuff too, and some non-fiction thrown in to spice things up. I shall read across genres, and I shall not reject a book because of its genre or cover, but…

2. I won’t read anything I don’t want to read. I will judge books freely and happily on their blurbs and opening pages, and I shall toss aside those that I just don’t fancy. I will also be maintaining my long standing 100 pages rule, which means that if a book that looks good at the beginning isn’t really engaging me by page 100 it gets unceremoniously dumped. There is too little life available to us to waste it on bad books.

And I’ve already made a start. Book 1 is finished and under my belt. So here’s my first, super quick, one paragraph 52 books review.

Book 1. It’s not me, it’s you Mhairi McFarlane

I really like Mhairi McFarlane. She writes chick lit that doesn’t give me rage (that is chick lit in which the heroines are capable of making it into the office without having a humorous clothing malfunction), and INMIY is no exception. For the romance element, I could probably have done with the hero being slightly more fleshed out, as there are two or three other male characters who really jump off the page, but I love McFarlane’s style, and the main character, Delia, was an instant favourite. Overall, a good start to the year. On to Book 2… details to follow at the start of Feb…

Update 1: January  Update 2: February  Update 3: March  Update 4: April  Update 5: May

Update 6: June Update 7: July

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