In which I participate in A Convenient Marriage blog splash

Today is release day for my very good friend, and most excellent writerist, Jeevana Charika’s brand new book A Convenient Marriage. You should probably all go and buy it. Off you go – do that now.

Have you been yet? If you’re still hesitating here’s the cover and blurb to entice you further…

It was the perfect marriage… until they fell in love.

Chaya is a young woman torn between her duty to family and her life in the UK. While her traditional Sri Lankan parents want her to settle down into marriage, what they don’t know is that Chaya has turned away the one true love of her life, Noah, terrified of their disapproval.

Gimhana is hiding his sexuality from his family. It’s easy enough to pretend he’s straight when he lives half a world away in the UK. But it’s getting harder and harder to turn down the potential brides his parents keep finding for him.

When Chaya and Gimhana meet, a marriage of convenience seems like the perfect solution to their problems. Together they have everything – friendship, stability and their parents’ approval. But when both Chaya and Gimhana find themselves falling in love outside of their marriage, they’re left with an impossible decision – risk everything they’ve built together, or finally follow their heart?


So now you’ve all been and bought A Convenient Marriage. What? You at the back -you haven’t bought it yet? Well go now. Go on. Be quick.

Right. Now we’re all settled here’s my contribution to the blog splash…

One of the ways Gimhana shows he cares is by cooking for Chaya.  Is there a food that evokes particular memories for you?

Well I’m very glad you asked me that, because as it happens I’ve been thinking about food recently and particularly about food I can no longer have. In a bid to identify what triggers my IBS more clearly I’m not currently eating cow’s milk or cream or softer cheeses (which tend to be higher in lactose). IBS has also seen off eating much red meat and other food allergies have taken oranges and brie, camembert and blue cheese out of my diet.

And, slightly depressingly, all of those are foods I love. So here is my very very favourite thing to eat that I can no longer have. I’m bequeathing it to you dear readers so that you might have joy in my stead…

Alison’s Perfect Boxing Day Sandwich

So the perfect Boxing Day meal should take the best bits of Christmas dinner and condense them down into a format that’s edible when you’re in a state of utter bloatedness and lethergy. The sandwich is ideal here. You can eat it with your hands with the plate balanced on your belly while watching the Sound of Music through a hungover haze.

For this sandwich you will need:

Bread – preferably white – this is not the moment to be introducing health into your diet

Leftover turkey



Cranberry sauce

Cook the bacon. Bang all of the stuff that isn’t bread between two slices of bread. If you really must you can add a slice of lettuce so you can tell yourself you’ve had a vegetable. Toast the whole damn thing (or griddle it if you’re feeling fancy). Enjoy. If you want to get a second wave of ‘banned foods’ excitement serve with a glass of bucks fizz.

And now I shall go away and think about lovely melting brie over bacon and …. mmmmmm…. it’s too nice.