In which I think about the lack of recent blogging

I’ve been a bit lax about blogging lately. After resolving last week to get back into it, I find myself, this morning, staring at a blank screen devoid of blogging inspiration. And that’s been a problem a lot recently. There are plenty of subjects I could opine my little heart out about. Just yesterday I overheard someone talking about the refugee crisis, and saying ‘I’m not racist but…’ And yes he actually said that in real-life – it’s the sort of line I’d edit out of a book for being too cliched but she really really said it. Anyway, ‘I’m not racist but,’ he said, ‘what they have to understand is that they’ve got to earn our trust back. You know, after Paris and everything.’

Now I have Views on that statement. By golly do I have Views?* But I increasingly find myself weary of sharing those views on the interweb. One thing the internet does not lack is people who reckon stuff about things. Whether you like to be irritated and get into twitter fights with people you vehemently disagree with or whether you prefer to create a perfect little social media echo chamber of people who entirely agree with you, the internet offers a ready supply of opinion for you to be enraged or cosseted by.

So I could write you lovely blog posts about novel writing instead, but again, blogs about how to be a writer are not in short supply. There are blogs that will tell you how to write, edit, submit and promote your book. And, here’s my one piece of writing advice for this post, reading them can be interesting and lovely, and a fab way of meeting and interacting with other writers, but it’s also probably procrastination. Writing themed procrastination, which is the highest form of procrastination, but procrastination nonetheless.  There is no substitute for just writing the sodding book. Harsh, but true I’m afraid.

So that leaves me wondering what on earth to blog about on weeks when reckoning something about the news of the day fails to fill my heart with inspiration. And I’m genuinely wondering. Suggestions and ideas more than welcome in the comments… Otherwise I might have to abandon all pretense of coherent thought and just post pictures of baking. Mmmm… baking.


* They are about the ignorance of othering, and the general heartlessness and stupidity in mentally dividing the world into us and them, and grouping the them together based on race/religion/nationality.

Author: Alison May

Writer. Creative writing teacher. Freelance trainer in the voluntary sector. Anything to avoid getting a real job... Aiming to have one of the most eclectic blogs around, because being interested in just one thing suggests a serious breakdown in curiousity.

5 thoughts on “In which I think about the lack of recent blogging”

  1. Oh bugger. i read your blog about reading blogs being procrastination and then I started wondering if *thinking* about reading blogs about procrastination was procrastination squared, and whether I was procrastinating by thinking about reading about procrastination, and then everything went black.

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    1. Procrastinating by thinking about procrastination creates, I believe, a procrastination singularity at which point all useful activity ceases. Between us we’ve probably just broken the universe…

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  2. Writers… write and you seem to be doing that very nicely.
    I am a member of writers carnival, it is a great place that sets challenges, and writing tips, and writing prompts, gives good feedback from published authors, editors etc… and has a strong community and is a legitimate paying market for poetry stories flash fiction etc… so you can dip in and out or spend time either way it is a good resource.
    You may want to have a look or not I am not affiliated other than I find it a good help, I enjoy it, stuck on editing my Ms I found just what I needed to get me back on track.
    😇 see you again soon and thank you for drawing me in.


  3. Pictures of baking would suit me fine as long as you provide the recipes so we can all have a go at emulating your culinary prowess! (And thanks for the reminder that blogs are procrastination …)


  4. Could you do timed blogs that say JUST WRITE THE SODDING BOOK| Would be happy to see pictures of baking. Inspiration often comes when we are not thinking about writing. Or just post your new profile picture + JUST WRITE THE SODDING BOOK.Works for me!


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