Virtual courses and retreats

Reignite Your Creativity and Find Your Voice

After a video introduction students will complete 5 course sections made up of pre-recorded video tutorials and accompanying handouts. Each section will include practical writing exercises for the students to complete planned to take around 2-3 hours per section. However students will have the opportunity to repeat exercises as many times as they wish and will also be given suggestions for ways in which to incorporate exercises and reflections into their future writing.

The five sections to the course will be: Part 1 – Bringing freedom back to your writing This will involve engaging with a range of free writing techniques from a variety of prompts provided in the tutorial and handout. Part 2 – Finding unexpected inspiration This section will be centred around finding inspiration in your own life – writing from observation, memory and day to day experiences. Part 3 – Developing stories Part 3 will build on parts 1 and 2 and start to look at how free writing and openness to inspiration can be developed into more coherent pieces of writing. As this module is aimed at RWA members in the first instance the focus will be on prose fiction but there will be the freedom to try non-fiction writing and poetry. The goal of the course is to connect with our creativity in whatever form feels most fulfilling.

This course is being offered via Romance Writers of Australia. You don’t need to be an RWA member to sign up.

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